About me

As a New Orleans, Louisiana native, Albert Porter Reff grew up in the historical Lower Ninth Ward. My art training began at home where I decoded unique depictions of spiritual messages with a mix media of materials supplied by family members and friends. At a young age, I was inspired by my vivid imagination and innate sense to visually recall and artistically recreate my dreams. I was honored to listen to subtle messages contained in every condition, situation and relationship in my life. Also, enchanted by my eccentric family history, west African folklore and native American rhythms played by musicians on the brick paved streets proved to be an essential ingredient toward my creativity.

While in high school I momentarily attended the highly regarded New Orleans Center for Creative Arts (N.O.C.C.A.). After graduating high school I attending Southern University in New Orleans. I was challenged by internationally known artist Ron Bechet and Professor and friend Cynthia Ramirez to broaden my scope and to pursue a career in digital art. After successfully graduating from The Art Institute of Houston’s Multi-Media and Web Design Program, I launched my career in the visual arts industry as a Multimedia Design Director at a design firm in Houston TX.

I have used my artistic independence to design tailor-made multi-media projects for clientele across the U.S. I enjoy discussions and exchange of raw intellect in order to build an influencing identity. As an eccentric visionary a great deal of creative optimisim is decided by visual cues. I believe the strongest and most persuasive visual cue is color. Throughout my design experiences I have spotted unique trends in multiple genres, I’ve gathered my collection of ideas that I consider valuable, real and meaningful and store them to be recalled at any particular moment in my creative process.

I currently live in Sugar Land Texas working as a freelance Design Strategist in addition to designing for an Insurance Brokerage Firm. Depending on a clients business structure I could design big & flashy, bold & colorful or just simple & clever marketing strategies that can leave a strong visual impression while solving practical business solutions.



Brand & Logo Design

Your brand is not just a logo, it is a symbolic representation of the soul of your company and product, my job is to unite that soul with the marketing materials I create for you.

Video Production

Video is King! I begin every video production with planning. Professional productions usually consists of a well thought-out script, detailed storyboard, music, graphics, text, and effects.

Graphic Design

Print projects and digital solutions that are tailor-made, attractive, concise, stylish and economical design concepts.

Online Solutions

Fully transparent solutions with visual resources to help you achieve your online social media goals.

Web Design

Great importance goes into fast, functional, responsive, modern, user-friendly web design with a clear design concept.


My job is to make your first impression count in the digital world. Your headshot is a digital business card for social media, websites, business portraits, employee photos, casting pictures, author photos, or actor portraits

Albert’s work has been recognized and featured by Coach Inc., Sports Illustrated Magazine, USA Track and Field News, Voyage Houston Magazine, Greater Houston Society of Healthcare Risk Managers (GHSHRM) and has assisted a host of large and small businesses, churches, non-profit organizations and private schools throughout the city of Houston and Washington, D.C. with their design needs.

My Mission

As a Design Strategist, I own the problem and create the solution.

Albert Porter Reff

Albert Porter Reff

Multimedia Creator


A great deal of my design concepts are decided by visual cues, the strongest and most persuasive being color at least in my visionary palette. Depending on your business and it’s brand I can design BIG & flashy, bold & colorful or just simple & clever styles that can leave a strong impression with your client-base.

Through my design experiences and over 20 years of studying artistic genres, I’ve gathered a collection of ideas of what is considered valuable, real and meaningful, at any particular moment in time and space. So, you can refer to me as a modern day artisan and if perhaps I run into a seemingly minimal stumbling block while working on a project, it’s ok because I have backup. I know the right people in the right spaces to answer the impossible.

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